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Writer's Guild [WEST]
From research links to writing tips and articles, we've collected information tailored to inspire and inform writers. "The Writers Guild of America (WGA/WGAE) is a labor union, promoting and protecting the professional and artistic interests of writers and others in the creative community of the motion picture, television, radio and communications industries in the US."
Writer's Guild [EAST]

National Writers Union 
"The National Writers Union is the trade union for freelance and contract writers: journalists, book authors, business and technical writers, web content providers, and poets."

National Book Critics Circle
"The National Book Critics Circle, founded in 1974, consists of nearly 700 active book reviewers who are interested in honoring quality writing and communicating with one another about common concerns." The centerpiece of NBCC activities is the annual awards for the best book in five categories: fiction, general nonfiction, biography/autobiography, poetry, and criticism. 

Black Writers Reunion & Conference
The first literary arts organization to utilize the power of the online medium to educate, inform, support and empower aspiring and published Black writers. The Black Writers Reunion & Conference began as the Black Writer's Alliance and is dedicated to providing information, news, resources and support to Black writers while promoting the Internet as a tool for research and fellowship among the cultural writing community. "Black Writers Reunion & Conference is a gathering of creative minds, bodies and spirits in celebration of written expression and commitment to the education of Black writers and the furtherance of Black literature."

The Writers Union of Canada
"The Writers Union of Canada (TWUC) is a national organization which brings writers together for the advancement of their collective interests. It is an organization which aims not only at embracing but also fostering diversity and inclusiveness in all their forms."

Writers Guild of Canada
"The Writers Guild of Canada is a national association representing more than 1,800 writers working in film, television, radio, and multimedia production in Canada. Members of the Guild are professionals who write dramatic TV series, feature films, MOWs, documentaries, animation, comedy and variety series, children’s and educational programming, radio drama, as well as corporate videos and multimedia productions."

Association of Hispanic Arts
"The Latinas in Literature Series is designed to provide technical assistance to potential audience members and engender an increased awareness of emerging/established Latina authors for the greater public at large while answering questions about taking next steps in professional literary careers."

The Arch and Bruce Brown Foundation
"The Arch and Bruce Brown Foundation awards yearly grants to writers in three rotating disciplines:  Theatre, Full-length Fiction, and Short Stories.  All works submitted must present the gay and lesbian lifestyle in a positive manner and be based on, or inspired by, a historic person, culture, event, or work of art.  Writing contests close on November 30th of each year.  Grants are $1000 and are not limited to a single winner."

Budapest Open Access Initiative
"A grants program to support publication of research by authors from developing and transition countries. This program builds upon the successful pilot project in 2002 which provided grants to 34 open access journals."

Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America
"Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers 
of America site provides information, practical advice, and news about reading, 
writing, and publishing Science Fantasy and Fiction.
SFWA's 1500 members include most professional writers of science fiction and fantasy in North America, and many from elsewhere in the universe. At its annual awards banquet, SFWA presents the Nebula Awards® for best fiction in several categories and the Andre Norton Award for Outstanding Young Adult Science Fiction or Fantasy Book."

Foundation Center Reference Guide for Writers
"If you are a writer and are looking for information on grants, this user aid will help you in your search. We have selected a few of the most important print and electronic resources for you to begin your search. The Foundation Center has identified a range of materials useful to writers seeking funding for the support of their own creative pursuits."

J. M. Kaplan Fund: Furthermore
"The Furthermore program is concerned with nonfiction book publishing about the city; natural and historic resources; art, architecture, and design; cultural history; and civil liberties and other public issues of the day. Our grants apply to writing, research, editing, design, indexing, photography, illustration, and printing and binding."

National Endowment for the Arts
"In most areas, funding is limited to organizations. Direct awards to individuals are made only through Literature Fellowships, NEA Jazz Masters Fellowships, and NEA National Heritage Fellowships in the Folk & Traditional Arts."

PEN America Center
"An association of writers working to advance literature, defend free expression, and to foster international literary fellowship." Membership required to access grants information.

National Foundation for Jewish Culture: Grant Programs
"The National Foundation for Jewish Culture is the leading advocate for Jewish cultural creativity and preservation in America. Since 1960, it has nurtured new generations of writers, filmmakers, artists, composers, choreographers and scholars. The NFJC's national and international conferences, partnerships with local communities and institutions, and sponsorships of annual grants and awards in the arts and humanities bring the best of Jewish culture to the Jewish community and the American public."

The Witter Bynner Foundation for Poetry
"Organizations may apply for grant support from $1,000 to $10,000 for a maximum of three years. The foundation does not support indirect costs for grant administration, endowment funds, capital improvements, or general operating expenses."

The Writers' Trust of Canada
"Founded by Margaret Atwood, Pierre Berton, Graeme Gibson, David Young, and the late Margaret Laurence, the Writers' Trust of Canada was incorporated under a federal charter and registered as a national non-profit organization in 1976. A unique charitable organization, the Writers’ Trust provides a level of financial support to writers unmatched by any other non-governmental organization. Through its various initiatives, the Writers’ Trust celebrates and rewards the talents and achievements of Canada’s novelists, short story writers, poets, biographers, and other non-fiction writers."

American Society of Journalists and Authors
"The American Society of Journalists and Authors helps professional freelance writers advance their writing careers. Members share candid data on writing rates, publishing contracts, editors, agents and more. Non-members benefit from our Contracts Watch newsletter, annual writers conference and writing resources. Editors and others can search our membership to hire experienced authors and journalists."

A Room of Her Own
"A Room of Her Own Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to furthering the vision of writer Virginia Woolf by bridging the often fatal gap between a woman's economic reality and her artistic creation. The foundation provides practical help to award recipients in the form of professional guidance. We are committed to bringing important female voices, and the important creative work of women, into the spotlight." 
A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write.
~Virginia Woolf


Author's League Fund
"The Authors League Fund was established by the Authors League of America, Inc., to help career authors and dramatists in the United States and in financial distress due to an urgent situation. The Fund makes interest-free loans to professional writers in need; for example, writers with health problems and inadequate health insurance, or older writers whose income has ceased. Loan-seekers must show need and documentation of their professional status."

Clayton Memorial Medical Fund
"The fund helps professional science fiction, fantasy, horror, and mystery writers living in the Pacific Northwest states of Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Alaska deal with the financial burden of medical expenses."

Woodcock Fund: Writers' Trust of Canada
"The Woodcock Fund, which resides at the very heart of the Writers’ Trust, was established in 1989 through the generosity of well-known Canadian writer George Woodcock and his wife Ingeborg. When a writer faces an unexpected financial crisis, therefore, or becomes ill, his or her ability to finish a book is at serious risk. To date, the Fund has distributed more than $420,000 in financial support to more than 110 Canadian writers, a number of them prominent and established in their respective fields."

AJSA Writers Emergency Assistance Fund
"The Writers Emergency Assistance Fund (formerly the Llewellyn Miller Fund) is administered through the ASJA Charitable Trust, which has 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. It exists to help established freelance non-fiction writers across the country who, because of advancing age, illness, disability, or extraordinary professional crisis are unable to work. A writer need not be a member of ASJA to qualify for a grant."

PEN America Center Emergency Funds
"The PEN Writers’ Fund is an emergency fund for professional—published or produced—writers in acute, emergency financial crisis. Depending on the situation, the Fund gives grants of up to $2,000. The maximum amount is given only under especially dire circumstances and when monies are available. The PEN Fund for Writers and Editors with HIV/AIDS, administered under the PEN Writers’ Fund, gives grants of up to $2,000 to professional writers and editors who face serious financial difficulties because of HIV or AIDS-related illness."

Santa Fe Art Institute Emergency Relief Residencies
"As an outgrowth of our original Emergency Relief Residencies, SFAI has instituted an ongoing Emergency Relief Residency to provide residencies for artists and writers whose lives and work are compromised by domestic strife, political upheaval or natural disasters. Residencies are by application only."

American Poets Emergency Fund
"Assists poets of demonstrated ability who are in a state of urgent financial need. Grants cannot be used to promote or otherwise enhance literary talent or reputation, and applications are not accepted. Academy Chancellors, Fellows, and prize winners may bring the circumstances of qualifying poets to the attention of the American Poets Fund committee by sending a letter of nomination, including specifics about the nominee's current financial situation, to the Executive Director of the Academy."
CONTACT (no website):
The Academy of American Poets
584 Broadway, Suite 1208
New York, NY 10012


The Gotham Writers' Workshop - New York, NY, and Internet
"Teaching more than 6,000 students a year, Gotham Writers' Workshop is New York City's largest private creative writing school for adults and teens. 10-Week classes are offered at multiple locations in New York City and Online at WritingClasses.com. Gotham Writers' Workshop also has a Private Instruction/Correspondence Program giving writers in New York and around the world the opportunity to work one-on-one with our dedicated faculty of working writers."

The Writers Studio - New York, NY, and Internet
"The Writers Studio offers creative writing workshops to help fiction writers and poets find creative fulfillment, publish their work and win writing awards. Ten-week fiction and poetry writing classes are offered in New York City, Tucson and Online. Private tutorials are also available."

Writer's Digest Online Workshops
"Writing classes from the publisher of Writer's Digest. Writer's Digest Magazine presents Writers Online Workshops, offering interactive, instructor-led online writing courses in fiction, non-fiction, poetry, memoir writing and more. Get professional writing instruction from Writer's Digest with Writers Online Workshops."

Writing The Journey - Online Journal Writing Workshop
"Writing The Journey is an online journal writing workshop designed for anyone who wants to explore the meaning of life and life events through journal keeping. Developed by Charlene Kingston, this workshop is based on the face-to-face workshops she presented throughout the United States during the 1990s."

Online Writing Courses from UWM
"Online Writing Workshops taught by the UW-Madison Department of Liberal Studies and the Arts. You can enroll any time, start any time, and there are no deadlines. In addition, your writing instructor is available any time; we don't restrict your contact to "office hours."

The Writer's Workshop Online Writing Classes
"The Writer's Workshop is an on-campus and online writing program based in Seattle. The Workshop specializes in creative writing classes, travel writing classes, online writing classes, and creative nonfiction classes."

Authorlink Online Writing Workshops
"Authorlink Writers' Virtual Classroom: Learn to write and publish. Online, personalized courses taught by published authors. Writing courses taught by published professionals in a state-of-the-art online environment. The most advanced "virtual" online classroom for writers available anywhere! The Authorlink classroom includes one-on-one instructor/student interaction, private conversations, and group lectures, and on-screen editing of your manuscript lesson, plus on-the-spot voice communication with the instructor."

UCLA Online Writing Classes and Workshops
"UCLA Extension, one of the nation’s largest and most comprehensive continuing education programs, expertly meets the career and personal development needs of today’s working professionals. The UCLA Extension Writers' Program is the nation's largest university-related writing program (more than 550 courses annually, with over 160 courses online), driven by the vision of 'creating futures through the power of art.' The Writers' Program offers an extraordinary variety of individual courses as well as certificate programs in creative writing, feature film writing, and television writing."

Coffeehouse for Writers Online Workshops
"Classes are taught entirely through email, although your instructor may host optional chats. [This is] an email correspondence course conducted by private mailing list. You'll be able to read the lessons, assignments and feedback from your facilitator, as well as completed assignments and comments from your fellow students."

Algonkian Fiction Workshops
"Students of our workshops gain an immediate advantage of association due to the fact that our workshops are hosted and supported by the Web del Sol Association, the largest publisher of periodical contemporary literature (short fiction and poetry) in the U.S."

Fiction Writers Connection Courses and Workshops
FWC offers a range of interactive email and US mail courses geared to both fiction and nonfiction writers.  These courses are offered on an on-going basis. Each email course will provide you with resource material, either in an online course library, or sent to you via email from your instructor. Your instructor will stay in regular contact with you and send you lectures and assignments and answer all your questions. All recommended texts are available in FWC's bookstore at a discount for students and FWC members. You do not need to be a member of FWC to enroll in our courses."

Ringer's Secret School of Writing - Online Classes
Writer Ted Ringer, based in Boulder, CO, offers online writing courses. Try a sample lesson.

Writers on the Net Writing Classes
"Writers on the Net was founded in 1995 to serve the international community of writers on the Internet. Our classes and services are used by aspiring writers and professionals from Alaska to Australia. Our classes take place either on an educational web site or via e-mail lists. There is no set time the students must 'meet' online. Our courses offer extensive communication and interaction between students and instructors. Since this exchange of ideas is exclusively through text, the medium the student is trying to master, the class itself is a means of learning. We do not require students to purchase books or any other materials for our courses."

Writers' Village Online Writing Courses
"Writers' Village University, or WVU as it is better known, is an international writers' group devoted to helping members become better writers. WVU is a full-time support service that is always growing and offering new classes, seminars and special programs. As a member, you may take as many courses and workshops as you like." WVU offers over 200 online writing courses.

Critter Writers Workshops
"Critters is an on-line workshop/critique group for serious writers of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror. You get your work critiqued in exchange for critiquing the work of others, both of which are invaluable ways to improve your writing. It's run by Dr. Andrew Burt, former vice-president of SFWA."

The Complete Story Novel Writing Online Course
"Because the right guidance and coaching is crucial to a writer's success, Jerry Cleaver, creator of Chicago's legendary Writers’ Loft, presents a full course designed to give writers of all levels the crucial skills that make every story and every writer a success. Learn everything you need to unlock your imagination and bring your ideas to life on the page, stage, or screen."

NaNoWriMo - National Novel Writing Month
National Novel Writing Month is a fun, seat-of-your-pants approach to novel writing. Participants begin writing November 1. The goal is to write a 175-page (50,000-word) novel by midnight, November 30. Valuing enthusiasm and perseverance over painstaking craft, NaNoWriMo is a novel-writing program for everyone who has thought fleetingly about writing a novel but has been scared away by the time and effort involved. Because of the limited writing window, the ONLY thing that matters in NaNoWriMo is output. It's all about quantity, not quality. The kamikaze approach forces you to lower your expectations, take risks, and write on the fly." Challenge yourself and practice your craft in a fun and unique way by participating in NaNoWriMo.


How Much Should I Charge? - Industry Rates from Writer's Market
Find the writing industry standards for pay rates - know what to charge for your work and what to expect to be charged from literary professionals. A priceless and excellent resource, courtesy of Lynn Wasnak. 


Publisher's Weekly
"The online version of the International News Magazine for Book Publishing and Bookselling." A great site with tons of publishing information.

Publishing News
"Each week, Publishing News on-line brings all the hot news of the UK book trade direct to your screen: the major news stories, the gossip, the bestsellers and previews of new books."

Writer Beware: Publishers and Agents to avoid
A service of the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America, this unique site offers "an introduction to the problems you'll find discussed in these pages, plus links to general articles about literary frauds, schemes, and scams." A valuable resource for writers. Their main page is located at  and the site "provides information, practical advice, and news about reading, writing, and publishing Science Fiction and Fantasy."

Online Publishers Association
"Information for and about the online publishing industry from the leading trade association dedicated to representing the interests of high-quality online publishers before the advertising community, the press, the government and the public. Includes recent news and latest research on the industry, as well as membership information."

Association of Authors' Agents - UK
"The majority of established agencies in the UK belong to the Association which exists to provide a forum for member agents to discuss industry matters, to represent the interests of agents and their clients and to uphold a code of good practice."

Association of Artists' Representatives
"The online home of the Association of Authors' Representatives, Inc. (AAR), a not-for-profit organization of independent literary and dramatic agents."

WritersNet Directory of Literary Agents
"The WritersNet Directory of Literary Agents may include agents who charge a reading fee for reviewing a manuscript. This is often considered an indicator of a disreputable agent. For this reason, agents who charge a reading fee are required to include this fact in their WritersNet profile."

"Your source for book reviews, author resources, and book industry news & statistics." Go deep inside the book business with this top-notch site which offers a plethora of publishing news.

Preditors & Editors
A thorough listing of recommended and non-recommended publishers. This is a great place to visit before signing a contract with any book publisher.

Book Market
"Book marketing and book promotion advice from John Kremer, author of 1001 Ways to Market Your Books, and
editor of the Kremer 100 PR newsletter."


Ted Weinstein 
| Submission Guidelines
Non-fiction Book Proposal Template

Hornfischer Literary Management 
| Submission Guidelines

The August Agency 
| Submission Guidelines

Frances Goldin Literary Agency 
| Submission Guidelines

The Jeff Herman Agency 
| Submission Guidelines 

The Literary Group 
| Submission Guidelines

Andrew Lownie Literary Agency 
| Submission Guidelines

Levine Greenberg Literary Agency 
| Submission Guidelines 
Natasha Kern Literary Agency 
| Submission Guidelines

Gail Ross Literary Agency 
| Submission Guidelines


Against Plagiarism
Created by Mindy McAdams, a Knight Chair Professor of Journalism at the University of Florida, this is an exceptional guide with wonderful examples and explanations about what is plagiarism. Additionally, her blog contains a wealth of journalism news and advice.

Writer's Resource Center from Poe War

Jobs, freelance opportunities, news and information for writers. A comprehensive site full of high-quality and helpful resources for writers of all genres.

Power Reporting - Research Tools
"Power Reporting resources and training for journalists, from Bill Dedman: computer-assisted reporting, computer-assisted journalism, newsroom training, search tools. Thousands of free research tools for journalists." Annotated and updated daily.

Bartleby Writer Resources for research and reference
"The preeminent Internet publisher of literature, reference and verse providing students, researchers and the intellectually curious with unlimited access to books and information on the web, free of charge."

Grammar Check
"GrammarCheck, a free e-mail newsletter about grammar, writing, and punctuation, helps you to improve your grammar and writing skills." Published by professional writing instructors, this newsletter provides wonderful online tools for writers.

Journalists Toolbox
From the American Press Institute, this site features more than 8,500 online resources for journalists.  



Backspace Writers Conference - New York, NY, US
"Backspace Writers Conference brings together best-selling authors, top literary agents, and editors for a two-day, two-track event featuring panel discussions, workshops, and socializing in the heart of the publishing world. Serious writers in all genres are invited to come meet the people who can make a difference in their writing career."

Sewanee Writers' Conference - Sewanee, TN, US
"Supported by the Walter E. Dakin Memorial Fund established through the estate of the late Tennessee Williams, the Conference will gather a distinguished faculty to provide instruction and criticism through workshops and craft lectures in fiction, poetry, and playwriting."

Maui Writers Conference - Maui, HI, US
"We strive each year to create an event that is both entertaining and inspirational, as well as an important learning resource for aspiring .and professional writers alike. Bringing together a long list of best-selling authors, award- winning journalists, top editors, agents, publishers, as well as the best in screenwriting and film, the Maui Writers Conference offers writers the opportunity to meet the people who can make a difference in their writing career." Considered one of the best writing conferences in the world for all genres.

Abroad Writers' Conference - various international locations
"We are one of the most prestigious international writers' conferences, where world voices in the Arts and Sciences are heard. Our top heavy conference is led by some of the worlds most talented authors, poets, screenwriters and literary agents with a ratio of 1 to 3. Instead of being lost in a crowd at a large conference, Abroad Writers' Conference prides itself on holding small group meetings where participants have personal contact with everyone. Stimulating talks, interviews, readings, Q&A's, writing workshops, film screenings, private consultations and social gatherings all take place within a week to ten days. Abroad Writers' Conference promises you true networking opportunities and full detailed feedback on your writing." 

Flathead River Writers Conference - Kalispell, MT, US
Authors of the Flathead host an annual conference each year for writers of all genres.

Colrain Poetry and Manuscript Conference - Colrain, MA, US
"The Colrain Poetry Manuscript Conference, in conjunction with the Concord Poetry Center, is able to provide the faculty, connections, and method necessary to produce the first poetry conference realistically designed to set poets with a manuscript-in-process on a path towards publication. Poets will also get a look into the poetry publication world and make important contacts as a result."

The Wesleyan Writers Conference - Middletown, CT, US
"The Wesleyan Writers Conference welcomes new writers, established writers, and anyone anyone interested in the writer’s craft. The Conference week includes seminars and workshops in the novel, short story, fiction techniques, poetry, memoir, essay, and long-form nonfiction, as well as guest speakers, lectures, readings, (optional) manuscript consultations, and publishing advice."

San Francisco Writers Conference
"Attendees have access to "how to" sessions, panels, and workshops taught by authors you know and love. Opportunities to pitch your work directly to these publishing professionals. Celebrity book signings and social gatherings with other writers add to the excitement of the event."


A Guide to Indispensable Writing Resources
A "definitive source for all writing-related books and Web sites, including the best reference sites, writing sites, writing job sites, and much more."

Absolute Write
"Free e-books and free online magazine for beginning writers and professional writers. We cover screenwriting, freelance writing, novels, playwriting, non-fiction, and copywriting. How-to articles, interviews with working writers, producers, publishers, and literary agents."

Freelance Writing
"Web Site for Today's Working Writers." Browse contests, freelance jobs and writing events at one of the web's most comprehensive freelance writing sites.

"Writing.Com is the online community for creative writing, fiction writing, story writing, poetry writing, writing contests, writing portfolios, writing help, and writing writers."

Writing World
With the dissolution of Inkspot Magazine for writers, a great place to visit is Moira Allen's Writing-World.com. Allen offers articles on writing alongside writing resources.

The Writer's Life Magazine
An online, interactive writing and resource site from children's author Dorothy Thompson.

Writers Weekly
Writers Weekly offers great advice for writers, and is known as "the highest circulation freelance writing ezine in the world." This link leads to recent WW articles on writing.


The Writer Magazine
"The essential resource for writers." Since 1887, The Writer Magazine has been reporting on the craft of writing. A great site with tons of excellent information for writers.

Writer's Market
"Your key to publishing success, providing the most comprehensive writing market contact info available. Writer's Market has been the freelance writer's 'bible' since 1921, providing complete market contact information, query letter clinics, pay rates, submission guidelines, and more."

Writer's Digest Online
"Home of the world's leading writing magazine as well as writing books, competitions and workshops." An exceptional web site that is easy to navigate and full of excellent information for all writers.

The Write News
News, features and resources for media and publishing professionals.

Poets & Writers Magazine
"Poets & Writers Magazine is the primary source for what creative writers need to know. Along with essays on the literary life and interviews with contemporary writers of poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction, the magazine publishes articles with practical applications for both emerging and established writers. In addition, it provides the most comprehensive listing of literary grants and awards, deadlines, and prizewinners available in print. With a circulation of 60,000 copies nationwide, Poets & Writers Magazine is published by the nonprofit organization Poets & Writers, Inc." Link provided by author Carol Skolnick.


Four Lessons in Magazine Writing - Free course
"Have you always wanted to write for magazines, but found it difficult to know where to start? Then this course is for you! I will show you where to get ideas, how to structure your articles, how to find markets and many other useful topics so that you can begin writing and submitting articles. By the end of the course you should have a clear picture of how you can make your dream come true."

How to Break Into Freelance Magazine Writing
"Breaking into the magazine writing industry seems a lot like working your way through a new city. It conjures up all sorts of fears, and makes you wonder if you will ever feel at home. But there is some good news: freelancing for a magazine can happen. There is no secret formula, and you don't have to be Gay Talese."


The e-Writer's Place
"The e-Writer's Place is a comprehensive resource for writers of all levels and experience. It's a free online magazine that is updated every 25 days."

The Difference Between Paper and Online Presentation
Guidelines to content writing for the web from Sun Microsystems. "Writing for the web is very different from writing in print. You can double the usability of your web site by following these guidelines: for two sample sites studied in Sun's Science Office, we improved measured usability by 159% and 124% by rewriting the content according to the guidelines."


Centauri Arts Camp - Creative Writing for Children - Wellandport, ON, Canada
Centauri Arts Camp offers both playwriting and creative writing courses for children, and instruction in all fine arts for children ages 9 to 18.

The Iowa Young Writers Studio - Iowa City, IA
"Every summer, 120 young writers from across the country come together to share their work, practice craft, and improve their writing in Iowa City, Iowa, home of the University of Iowa. Students choose a single course of study-- Poetry, Fiction, or Creative Writing (a survey that includes fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction)--as their focus for the duration of the Studio. Classes are kept small (12 or fewer students). The same instructor teaches both the seminar and the workshop. Instructors will serve as mentors. Individual conferences are scheduled to ensure that each student gets the proper attention. "

Duke University Young Writer's Camp - Durham, NC
For students of
sixth through eleventh grades, program highlights include opportunities to explore different genres (such as short stories, poetry, journalism and playwriting), instruction by professional writers and educators, and presentations by local guest speakers.

Interlochen Writers Camp - Interlochen, MI
Combining a love of words and a love of nature, Interlochen offers an intensive, supportive and enthusiastic student writing curriculum in the pristine surroundings of Michigan's north woods. This program provides students with a three-week immersion in the world of writing [grades 6-12]. Guided writing assignments, reading assignments, visiting guest writers, film screenings, discussion and critique are part of the regular curriculum. Students will work under the apprenticeship of professional writers and teachers on an individual basis."

Write Now Summer Writing Camp - Palo Alto, CA
For children ages six through 14, "
To help prepare students to master the discipline of writing well, Early Learning Institute (‘ELI”) is sponsoring weeklong, full-day writing camps this summer focusing on expository and creative writing skills. The camps are conducted at Emerson School in Palo Alto and Hacienda School in Pleasanton. The curriculum is tailored to three different age groups: lower elementary (Grades 1-3), upper elementary (Grads 4-5), and middle school (Grade 6-8)."

BAWP Young Writers Camp - Berkeley, CA
"The Bay Area Writing Project's Young Writers' Camp offers students the time and opportunity to explore their writing interests, discover their strengths and learn more about the craft of writing. The camps provide in-depth writing instruction, structured writing workshop time, flexibility in writing assignments, and daily opportunities to share writing with peers. Through the camps, students discover the conditions and habits needed to do their best writing and grow in their confidence and skill. Students are encouraged to continue as writers independently and apply these skills and habits to carve out time to write in and out of school."

Youth Writing Camp at the Center for Southern Literature - Atlanta, GA
"Writing For Fun participants will learn the 'ingredients' of story: character, setting, description and building a story plot, as well as 'learning to think like a writer.' These topics will be explored through writing games and exercises, as well as group brainstorming.  There will be times when campers will split into smaller groups for activities to suit their interests, as well as working on individual writing projects."

Young Artists' Workshops for Film and Television - Rockport, ME
"The Young Imagemakers Workshops at the Maine Photographic Workshops in Rockport, Maine offers two week workshops for high school age photographers, film and videomakers, actors and digital artists. It's summer camp for talented teenagers" 


Directory: US, UK, Canadian and Australian copyright information and copyright search
Use this comprehensive directory to find all information regarding United States, United Kingdom, Canadian and Australian copyrights, trademarks, patents and designs. Search copyright databases for each country.

United States Copyright Office

For the answers to all questions concerning U.S. copyright, this is the ultimate resource.

U.S. Copyright Search
Use this resource to search copyright information by selecting one of the three databases: registered works, serials and documents.

Chilling Effects Clearinghouse
What to do if you are accused of copyright violation and other intellectual property legal information. "Chilling Effects aims to help you understand the protections that the First Amendment and intellectual property laws give to your online activities. A joint project of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Harvard, Stanford, Berkeley, University of San Francisco, University of Maine, George Washington School of Law, and Santa Clara University School of Law clinics."

Contract advice from the National Writers Union
When you're negotiating an agreement with a publisher or work-for-hire client, have the terms reviewed by a union contract advisor who will review the terms, explain their benefits and pitfalls, and suggest ways to negotiate improvements. An NWU member service.

The 10 Key Negotiating Points in an Author Agreement
From Ivan Hoffman, B.A., J.D., this article offers some key points on what a writer should know before signing a publishing agreement.

10 Big Myths About Copyright Explained
A must-read for all writers. Brad Templeton offers answers to "common myths about copyright seen on the net, and covers issues related to copyright and USENET/Internet publication." 


Screenwriters Guild of America
"The archetypal screenwriting portal for working and aspiring screenwriters globally. The official website of the Screenwriters Guild of America. The Screenwriters Guild of America (SGA) is a proactive confederation of industry professionals united for the mutual aid and promotion of common interest. Our experience and expertise is derived from the cooperative, collective wisdom of the industry's most sought after screenwriters, directors, producers, literary agents, managers, educators, authors, and studio executives."

Trigger Street
"Trigger Street Productions, Inc., was formed in 1997 by Kevin Spacey to develop and produce entertainment in a variety of mediums. Realizing that the path to his own success would have been much rockier without the support and encouragement of many outstanding mentors, Spacey has sought out a way to inspire, nurture, and help bring exposure to new and undiscovered talent. If you are in a position to help others, if you find yourself in the building of life and you can send the elevator back down, that becomes your earnest duty. This philosophy has become the catalyst for the second step of his vision." A "web-based filmmaker and screenwriter's community - an interactive mechanism for the purpose of discovering and showcasing new and unique talent." Trigger Street's mission is "to encourage the creative process of filmmaking and screenwriting by providing hands on, peer-to-peer, objective criticism and letting the material be judged on its own merit. We offer an engaging avenue of exploration for both first time and veteran film directors, writers, and enthusiasts, anyone at all, who is attempting to bring his or her vision to the screen."

American Screenwriters Association
"The American Screenwriters Association is a professional screenwriting organization supporting screenwriting, screenwriting conferences, screenwriters, producers, studios, Hollywood agents, and script writing." Featuring script and trailer downloads, and valuable information on screenwriting. 

Creative Screenwriting
"Creative Screenwriting magazine website for screenwriters and scriptwriters on movie scripts, screenwriting, free e-magazine, ranked 'best screenwriting magazine' by the Los Angeles Times." The online version of the popular print magazine, Creative Screenwriting gives tips and info into the fast-paced business of screenwriting.

Praxis Center for Screenwriting - Canada
Praxis Centre for Screenwriters is a non-profit organization devoted to the professional development of Canadian screenwriters and filmmakers. "Located in Vancouver, Canada, we serve to support and stimulate the production of innovative Canadian feature films though screenplay and screenwriter development. Founded in 1986, Praxis is a part of the School for the Contemporary Arts, Simon Fraser University."

Script Pimp
"Pipeline Into Motion Pictures - Movie Script Coverage & Analysis, Screenwriting Competition & Writers Database for Screenwriters"

Script Pimp's Writers Database
"With over 1,150 listings, the Writers Database puts the film industry at your fingertips. Find information about agencies, managers, producers and production companies, what they’re looking for and how to contact them. Updated regularly, the Database includes a powerful search engine that can be tailored to your specific needs. No matter where you live, Script P.I.M.P.’s Database connects you to Hollywood and beyond."

An Online Guide to Screenwriting
"If you are new to screenwriting, planning to write a screenplay or script of any kind, the good news is that writing in screenplay format is easier and more intuitive today than at any time since first Lanier Word Processing Machine."

Screenwriter's Utopia
"Screenwriting website for screenwriters dedicated to screenplay writing and screenwriting elements on how to write a screenplay in proper format, classes, and interviews with professional screenwriters and news."

Word Play
"Professional Secrets for Screenwriters - Simply put, this site gives away secrets. Professional secrets. From working screenwriter Terry Rossio. Secrets weighted specifically toward selling scripts to Hollywood."

Screenwriting Expo
"The World's Largest Conference and Trade Show for Screenwriters." Hosted yearly in Los Angeles, Screenwriting Expo is the screenwriters trade show and includes seminars, panels, pitch meetings, networking, screenplay competitions and more. Attended by most industry heavyweights, guests of honor in 2007 include Oliver Stone, William Goldman, Andrew Stanton, Ronald D. Moore, and Tony Gilroy. Registration options are located

The Screenwriting Conference in Santa Fe
Billed as "Simply the best screenwriting conference in the world," this popular screenwriters conference is an intensive, five-day experience featuring a screenwriting symposium on perfecting the art and craft of screenwriting, and emphasis on pitching and marketing a screenplay. 

Dramatica® Pro StoryBook Screenplay Work sheets
A screenwriter's "community resource," this link leads to a complimentary copy of the Dramatica® Pro StoryBook, and contains "
a copy of all the worksheets necessary to write one complete story using the Dramatica Pro StoryGuide Pro workbook. This StoryBook also contains duplication masters for each of the 14 different worksheets required to produce additional sets of worksheets for additional stories."

Without A Box
"Withoutabox was founded in January, 2000 to serve as a network for independent filmmakers and their films - to directly access film festivals, film buyers, and film audiences throughout the world and to manage those relationships and transactions from a central console. Filmmakers - use one form to submit to multiple film festivals."

The Artful Writer
A highly informative screenwriting blog, The Artful Writer offers theory and debate for professional television and film writers.  Created by screenwriters Craig Mazin (Scary Movie 3, Rocketman, Opus) and Ted Elliot (Shrek, Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl, Aladdin). 


FilmMakers.com Screenplay Competition Directory
"Visit the comprehensive and internationally renowned directory of screenplay competition and make an informed decision. Highly regarded by the industry and updated frequently."

The Don and Gee Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting
"The Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting program is an international competition open to screenwriters who have not earned more than $5,000 writing for film or television. Entry scripts must be the original work of a sole author or of exactly two collaborative authors. Entries must have been written originally in English. Adaptations and translated scripts are not eligible. Up to five $30,000 fellowships are awarded each year."

MovieBytes Screenwriting Contests and Markets Online
"Movie Bytes - Screenwriting Contests, Screenwriting Competitions, Screenwriting Markets Online. The MovieBytes website features a comprehensive database of screenwriting contests and screenwriting competitions, literary agencies, and film producers, and publishes a free email newsletter."

Writing World Searchable Database for Writing Contests - Search Screenplays
"...search the Contest Database by category for a specific contest by title, by deadline or for contests within a specific month, or for contests that charge no entry fee."

International Film and Television Workshops - Rockport, ME
"Providing the world's storytellers and imagemakers with career enhancing, transformational experiences." Offering "workshops in the latest technology; 16mm and 35mm film cameras, DV, Betacam and HDTV video; Avid Certified Training, Final Cut Pro weekend crash courses, plus workshops and master classes for writers, actors, producers, editors, cinematographers, documentary and dramatic filmmakers from around the world."

The Script Factory Screenwriters’ Retreat - The Hurst, Craven Arms, Clun, Shropshire
"Geared towards those writers looking to get their first screenplay produced (whether you have actually written one or twenty!) this course offers a structured blend of lectures, writing exercises, dedicated writing time, screenings and individual tutorials that will help you disentangle all the elements of your draft script and identify the problems that may be preventing your idea from achieving its full potential. You will leave with a clear strategy for moving your script on to the next draft and a variety of practical tools to help turn you into your own developer. ... The residential element of the workshop is invaluable, not only because of the opportunity it gives you to concentrate on your writing free from the distractions of your daily routine but also because of the chance it gives to get to know other first-time screenwriters. There are places for 16 writers and the relaxed country house atmosphere of The Hurst (once the home of playwright and screenwriter John Osborne) is one that inspires both creativity and sociability."

and more 

The Writer's Retreat - California and Colorado (US); New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island (Canada); Costa Rica; and Zihuatanejo, Mexico
"This literary retreat embraces writers of all genres, editors, publishers, filmmakers and playwrights; writers in early career as well as those established are welcome. A truly creative environment offers more than just comfort and privacy.  It lends inspiration, instills a sense of well being and provides opportunity to learn and explore.  It  affords pleasant surroundings, good food, a variety of diversions.  And a sense of fellowship."

Circle of Writers - Vermont, US
"Circle of Writers Creative Writing Workshops and Retreats - writers of all ages and experience levels come together to explore, share, and practice the craft of writing."

The Vicious Circle - Whistler, BC, Canada
"The Vicious Circle, as Whistler Writers Group is known, was founded in 2001 to provide a forum for local writers to develop their craft and connect with like-minded literati. It has been responsible for the annual Literary Leanings Reading Series, in conjunction with Celebration 2010: Whistler Arts Festival and the Whistler Arts Council, the fall Whistler Writers Festival, the Collective Novel Experiment 2005, and is dedicated to growing the literary arts and opportunities for writers in Whistler." 

Tatamagouche Center - Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia, Canada
Our retreat program assists people in various walks of life and from various spiritual perspectives to reconnect with their innermost being and to respond creatively to unique life circumstances." A guest notes: "This should be used as a model for other writing retreats."

Booming Ground Writing Mentorship - Vancouver, BC, Canada 
Offers poetry, nonfiction and writing for children, Booming Ground is UBC Creative Writing's exciting non-credit program."

The Sage Hill Writing Experience - Saskatchewan
Sage Hill Writing Experience offers a special working and learning opportunity to writers at different stages of development. Top quality instruction, a low instructor-writer ratio, and the rural and urban Saskatchewan settings offer conditions ideal for the pursuit of excellence in the arts of fiction, non-fiction, poetry and playwriting.

Creative Writing Holidays - Halifax, Nova Scotia
Fiction Writing packages, courses, holidays, and programs on writing the historical novel.

Write Here Write Now- Newcastle, Australia
Writer Jan Cornall offers workshops and retreats for writers of all genres.

Creative Light and Power - Port Perry, Ontario, Canada
Writer and poet Aprille James offers online instruction as well as on-site workshops in creative writing.

The Writer's Place - County Clare, Ireland
"Group & Individual Sessions: Salmon Poetry runs regular weekend creative writing workshops at the Salmon premises.  The workshops include all aspects of writing and publishing. The facilitator is Salmon's editor Jessie Lendennie, who has conducted workshops all over Ireland and the United States, for many years."

Skywriter - Saskatchewan, Canada
"For nearly thirty years, the Saskatchewan Writers and Artists Colony has served thousands of Saskatchewan and Canadian writers and artists by providing a quiet refuge where creative people can come together and practise their craft. This program of the Saskatchewan Writers Guild (SWG) provides uninterrupted working time along with opportunities for thought-provoking exchange of ideas after working hours and at mealtimes. Individual retreats make the program more flexible in repsonse to the needs of writers and artists. The colonies and individual retreats are not teaching situations, but places where practicing writers and artists are expected to work independently."

Artscape Lodge - Toronto Island, Canada
"Artscape Lodge at the Gibraltar Point Centre for the Arts is an affordable short-term studio and bedroom rental service dedicated to professional artists looking for time and space to focus exclusively on their work in a distraction-free environment. Ideally suited to writers, visual artists and quiet research in all disciplines, Artscape Lodge is open year-round and has provided an inspiring and productive artist retreat to hundreds of artists from Toronto, across Canada and around the world."

Odyssey Fantasy Science Fiction, and Horror Writing Workshops - Manchester, NH, US
"Since its inception in 1996, Odyssey has quickly become one of the most highly respected workshops for writers of fantasy, science fiction, and horror. Top authors, editors and agents have served as guests at Odyssey, and 46% of students have gone on to be published."

Antioch Writers' Workshop - Yellow Springs, OH, US
"Antioch's Writers' Workshop is a nationally renowned community of writers that encourages creative writers at all levels by providing inspiring, unique, and inclusive opportunities for professional and personal growth. By offering a variety of distinctive workshop experiences and writing seminars, we assure both an exciting forum for authors to gather and an inviting venue for the writing community at large."

Maui Writers Retreats
various locations

Retreats in fiction, nonfiction and screenwriting are held in different venues on both land and sea. A subsidy of the Maui Writers Conference.

Aspen Writers' Foundation Retreat and Literary Festival - Aspen CO, US
"Aspen Summer Words, our flagship program, is a five-day writing retreat and literary festival that offers an inspiring array of events — from author readings and writing workshops to publishing industry panels and VIP receptions. The Aspen Writers' Foundation provides eight year-round programs that annually serve 17,000+ literary enthusiasts of all ages. Each summer bibliophiles from across the nation gather in Aspen to celebrate the written word during one of the region’s biggest literary workshops."

Iowa Writers' Workshop - Iowa City, IA, US
"The Iowa Writers' Workshop is a two-year residency program which culminates in the submission of a creative thesis (a novel, a collection of stories, or a book of poetry) and the awarding of a Master of Fine Arts degree." They also offer
summer programs.

Nightwriters Retreat - Healdsburg, CA, Ashland, VA (US), and Tuscany, Italy 
Phyllis Theroux is the founder of Nightwriters "which conducts writing and creativity seminars in the United States and abroad, including one-on-one seminars with individual writers in her writer's cottage in Virginia."

Lisa Alpine Writing Workshops and Classes - various locations
Lisa Alpine, a professional writer for over 20 years, teaches writing workshops at The Writing Salon in San Francisco & Berkeley, at her studios in Marin County, CA and Port Townsend, WA and at workshops worldwide.

Anam Cara Writers Retreat - Country Cork, Ireland, UK
on a heather-covered hillside awaits Anam Cara, a tranquil spot set apart to nurture and to provide sanctuary for those who create. Whether you come to work on a writing or artistic project of your own or as part of a workshop or special interest group, you will find support, creature comforts, and peace – all you need to produce your best work."

Adirondack Mountain Writers' Retreat - Thurman, NY and St. George Island, FL
Presented by author Persis Granger, a novelist and nonfiction writer, these Fiction Among Friends retreat workshops are open to writers of all ages. 

Artemisia Creative Writing Holidays - Barga, Tuscany
These unique writing retreat holidays offered by Artemisia include
Creativity and Craft, Creative Writing with Sallyann Sheridan,
Telling Tales: from Inspiration towards Publication, and The Magic of Writing"In Barga, Tuscany, all Artemisia's rooms and apartments are situated conveniently for the Villa Bellavista and all enjoy stunning views over the Garfagnana."

Write On The Beach - Gulf Shores, Alabama
"In the past eleven years, over 275 people have attended Robert Vaughan's Write on the Beach. It has been called one of the most unique and productive writing seminars in the country available for both published and unpublished authors. An impressive number of books, "works in progress" when the author arrived, have subsequently been published."  

Scottish Book Trust Retreat - Isle of Jura, Scotland
"Since its launch in late 2006, the Isle of Jura Writer Retreat programme has established itself as one of the best creative opportunities available to writers of stature anywhere in the world. ... 
When chosen to take part in this wonderful writer retreat opportunity you will receive a bursary, travel costs, accommodation in lodge (which is self catering), the option to bring family/partner (but travel costs covered only for writer), a hire car (if suitable) and 3 – 4 uninterrupted weeks to write and explore the island. ... The international writer chosen will also benefit from an event at EIBF,  the world's premier Book Festival, a commission to write a short story for broadcast on BBC Radio 4 during 2008, and a collaboration with a top Scottish artist to create a limited edition print."

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